Little Letdowns

Something we all experience from time to time are the little letdowns in life. Since I’m married to a man who does not like being cold, we enjoy escaping to Florida for a couple of weeks during this time of the year. We have learned the further south you go in this state during the winter, the more expensive it becomes. beach-967980_640Calculating in this variable, we decided to try a new place this year at the southernmost latitude our budget would allow. Well, it’s charming and it’s funky, but the cottage room is not what I envisioned. These are the times when I need to hold my chin up, pull out the disinfectant wipes, and get to work. God is so good, though, and answers our prayers. Prayers for safe travel. Check. Prayers for warmer weather. Check. Prayers for some great seafood. Check. Prayers for a fun, safe place to stay. Check. It’s always important to remember to not let disappointments steal our joy. After all, I’m sitting on the patio in the sunshine typing these words ….

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